Top 10 Reasons Sea Kayaking in the Tropics

Worldwide, sea kayaking is a highly popular outdoor activity due to a bunch of factors. First and foremost, it’s fun! The sensation to be on the water in your own boat powered by your own forces, and going where ever you want provides a sense of pure freedom and happiness. Secondly, it’s basically for everybody! There’s hardly any age restriction since paddling a sea kayak doesn’t take a lot of energy or stamina. You decide your own pace, and duration. You can make it as easy or as hard as you desire.


Now, being on the water, thus outdoors, means you are exposed to the elements. Wind, precipitation, air temperature, water temperature, swells, waves, and tides all contribute to your paddling experience. Since people usually go out paddling in the vicinity of their home, change of seasons will limit the number of save paddling days on the water. In order to extent those number of days, people frequently visit warmer regions on earth, especially during the winter. What better place to go to for a sea kayaking expedition than the tropics? Here’s our top 10 reasons sea kayaking in the tropics (in no particular order):

1. Comfortable Climate

There are very few people who like cold water/weather paddling. For anyone else, the tropics is the place to be. No wet or dry suits required, just a cool looking hat and shades, and some sunscreen. Throughout your trip in the tropics you will not be cold, not even at night.

2. Warm Waters

In the tropics not only the air temperature is comfortably warm, also the waters are of perfect temperature. Paddling in warm waters is safe since there is no chance of hypothermia. When you’re done paddling, you can chill & relax in a comfortable natural pool and see macaws fly by. Another way to enjoy the warm waters is to shoot your best Facebook profile picture ever!

3. Perfect Paddling Conditions

Warm weather and waters usually mean a perfectly calm water surface. With a comfortable breeze and glass-like waters, paddling in the tropics is for everyone. Instead of kayaking into waves and dealing with swells, and wind gusts, you can focus on the tropical beauty you are surrounded with.

4. Dense Rain Forests

Being outdoors in general is great, where ever you are. Having said that, there is no place more exciting than the tropics. This is where life thrives! You wake up to the sounds of the jungle, smell the morning dew, hear the rain forest breathe, welcome the tropical rains (if you’re lucky), and go hiking the many trails to discover the secrets of the lungs of planet Earth.

5. Terrestrial Wildlife

Instead of bears, the jungle is home to Jaguars, Ocelots, Snakes, and Crocodiles, but not to fear. You might hear wild cats at night, and see crocs and other reptiles from a distance, the forests are a safer place than many people might think. What you will see from up close are monkeys howling, Scarlet Macaws flying overhead, Toucans feeding off the Papaya and Mango trees, Sloths posing for the camera, Peccaries grazing near your glamping cabin, and leaf cutter ants, Caterpillars, and butterflies going about their daily routine.

6. Marine Wildlife

This deserves its own spot in this top ten reason to go paddling in the tropics. Not only people like warm weather and water conditions. Humpback Whales and Whale Sharks migrate to the tropics to enjoy, feed, and give birth to their calves. Same for the False Killer Whales. Dolphins are to be found in these waters year round, as are a number of species of turtles. Paddling in the middle of a pod of dolphins can’t be beaten. Period.

7. Mangroves, pioneer of the sea

Like the whales and dolphins, the mangroves require special attention. This extremely interesting coastal vegetation is only to be found in the tropics. Its capacity to survive in the most inundated areas have resulted in a creation of entire ecosystems based purely on existence of the Mangroves. The best way to witness and experience this ecosystem is by kayaking through river estuaries filled with mangrove forests.

8. Grateful & Lovely People

It’s a special kind of life. Living in the tropics requires a set of skills most people in this part of the world are born with. Children are brought up with a true sense of respect towards nature and others. Joy and happiness is key to a great and healthy life (in the tropics), as its culture is enriched with good non-materialistic values. When traveling to the tropics you might learn a thing or two while meeting these wonderful people and experiencing their way of life.

9. Healthy, tasteful, honest food

Plants, vegetables, and fruit grow everywhere. When in the tropics chances are you’ll eat produce you’ve never heard about, and it’s healthy, AND delicious! In coastal areas fresh fish is widely available, and meat products are still honest and tender. People living in the middle of tropical nature aren’t spoiled by globalized fast food restaurants, and giant supermarkets selling processed foods. Instead they grow and eat their own, and therefore are guaranteed they eat healthy, tasteful, and honest food.

10. Exotic Lodging

Whenever and wherever  you stay in the tropics, you’ll most likely be staying overnight at eco-lodges (unless your name is Tarzan). Comfortable cabins and common spaces, sustainable built with local materials, usually fallen trees and scrap wood. All blend in with its environment as not to disturb the natural inhabitants. The amount of waste and therefore impact on nature is kept to the bare minimum by recycling as much as possible, and using renewable energy. No or limited electricity and internet (usually only at night), no hot water (what for anyway, you’re in the tropics!), and no artificial ingredients. Simply home grown produce and lots of peace and quiet. Back to basics, let nature take over. It’ll do you good. You’ll get to experience a supernatural lifestyle.

BONUS: Secret revealed

Granted, the tropical region on this planet is huge, and surely all these ten tropical perks cannot be found in one single location. Or can it? The answer is yes, it can! I introduce to you El Golfo Dulce, literally translated The Sweet Gulf. Located in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica, in between the mainland and the Osa Peninsula. This is one of a few tropical fjords in the world, teaming with marine and terrestrial wildlife, and surrounded by mangrove forests, primary and secondary rain forests, and National Parks left and right. Adjacent to the Gulf, you’ll find Corcovado National Park which National Geographic’s tagged it as ‘the most biologically intense place on earth’.

It’s true, Golfo Dulce is still an undiscovered uncut gem, best to be explored by kayak, paddling along the coast from one eco-lodge to the other. This is the place where to find the top 10 reasons sea kayaking in the tropics! Hard to believe it? Come see it for yourself, and discover the supernatural ingredients of this paradise on Earth!