sea kayak perception expression 15

Our Brand New Fleet of Sea Kayaks

All our kayaks offer the handling and stability expected of a touring design with the performance of an expedition kayak. The boats’ moderate rocker, and soft chimes provide the novice paddler with forgiving stability. Yet, our guides found it to perform well in more technical maneuvers such as rolling, edging and bracing. All are made in the U.S. of recyclable polyethylene plastic and feature amazingly comfortable and fully adjustable seats, suitable deck rigging and reflective perimeter lines.

We use Werner Skagit 2 piece paddles for smooth and stable forward strokes. They’re 220cm, and we have a choice of standard & small diameter carbon shafts. Together with our NRS mesh-backed PFDs you’ll be perfectly equiped for your paddling adventure!

sea kayak perception expression 14.5

Expression 15.0 & 14.5 | by Perception

These craft are nimble and stable and can easily be paddled at a cruising speed, making the longer water stretches more enjoyable and less work.  We are especially excited about the Expression’s retractable skeg, which gives this boat remarkable tracking. No need for a cumbersome pedals and a rudder systemthe well-protected conditions of Golfo Dulce, our trip’s setting, do not require them.

Comfort & Control

The cockpit is cozy and equipped with Perception’s Zone DLX seating system. This system has both adjustable leg raisers and thigh braces, offering different paddlers a wide range of adjustment, comfort and control. We love the seating system’s high back-rest, they are exceptionally supportive and pair very well with our mesh-backed PFDs.

wilderness system tsunami 140

Tsunami 140 & 125 | by Wilderness Systems

With ample storage space, capacity and speed, this wildly popular, versatile touring kayak offers a balanced fit that all skill levels can enjoy. The built in keel is perfect for the calm waters of the Golfo Dulce, which keeps the kayak going in a straight line on longer stretches. At the same time, it’s a breeze turning and manouvering in the narrow Mangrove canals.

Fully adjustable

The seats, and foot paddles are extremely comfortable and fully adjustable. Even underway, on the water, you can adjust your backrest, leg support, and foot pegs all while sitting in your kayak. With a simple pull on the straps you can make slight adjustments to change your sitting position, allowing for more comfort on longer paddling stretches.

wilderness system polaris t180

Polaris 180T | by Wilderness Systems

We are proud to offer this brand new touring tandem kayak for duos looking for a comfortable paddling trip. Perfect for couples, or a young child and a parent- basically anyone not comfortable paddling a single kayak can now feel safe with a co-paddler (perhaps one of our guides).

Tandem kayak!

The Polaris delivers with a hull design proven for speed and predictability with ample room for cargo. With its comfortable, fully adjustable seats and foot paddles, deck rigging, and watertight hatches, together with your paddling partner you are set for a multi-day kayaking trip in the Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica!

Join us this winter and glide one of our new state of the art boats through the tropical waters of the Golfo Dulce.